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Girl playing piano

Affordable Pricing

The gift of music could be described as priceless. Fortunately you won't have to pay as such. Lessons are a flat price of $20 for 30 minutes of instruction. This includes the price of all books(free) and all software programs (free) for the duration of the program. This is a tremendous value, professional instructions at palatable prices. Cash or checks are accepted forms of payment.

Flexible Service

( In Home )

Piano lessons are provided in home. There is no additional cost added on because of travel as long as the student is in the service delivery area. Service dilvery is provided currently for the Baltimore metro and Eastern Shore(Mid Shore) areas of Maryland. Scheduling fluctuates as it depends on the current availability due to what slots are currently open. Give me a call at (443)-447-5576 to discuss schedule openings or message me from the contact page.

Complete Curriculum

(Traditional & Digital Instructions )

Piano instructions include traditional instructions as well as digital instructions. As we all know, technology is everywhere. A music education that also has a solid digital musical component is definitely the way to go. The curriculum below is the norm but some students far exceed expectations and others require more time.

Timeline Beginner
(0 to 6 months)
(6 months to 2 years)
(2 years to 4 years)
(4 years to 6 years)
Prerequisite At least school aged Understand fractions Intermediate skills Advanced skills
Objective Students will familiarize themselves with the piano, learn proper piano posture, learn finger exercises, and be able to play simple songs given the names of the notes. Students will learn to read music from the staff, both treble and bass clef. Time signatures will be introduced as well as music dynamics to add texture. Students will master playing in all major and minor keys. Exposure to various styles of music will allow for mastering musical dynamics. Students will be able to play by ear, and use digital musical software to create professional layered musical compositions.
Skills learned Identity piano keys Read music from the staff Perform with confidence Use software in digital music composition
Develop finger dexterity Understand rhythms & dynamics Master major & minor scales Improvisation & play by ear

Girl playing piano

Textbooks & Software

Various textbooks are use for instructions. They are all provided free at no additional cost to the fee for lessons. Software programs are also provided at no additional cost. Students are also given homework to assist with skills development.

Getting Started

You or your student should have a piano or a keyboard to practice on. It does not have to be a full piano or keyboard with 88 keys . A compact keyboard works just fine for beginners. Decide what time works best for you and if in home or in studio lessons suite you better. Then give me a call to discuss signing a contract and scheduling. The contract does not include or bind you to any financial or payment obligations, instead; it creates record of services to be delivered and establishes a business handshake. A handshake in which you are made aware of the level of professionalism and quality of service you should expect, and I in turn am made aware of your commitment to learning.